Automatic high temperature glue machine

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Automatic high temperature glue machine

1.     Product Description:

In the prior art, in the process of processing the lens of mobile phone, there is a process of adhesive paper sticking to each module, usually using high-temperature adhesive paper. The current high-temperature adhesive machine is a separate machine, and our machine can realize integration.Our machines can effectively combine rubber paper feeding, steel sheet feeding, laminating mechanism, cutting device and spring clip feeding mechanism.

Through the steel sheet feeding mechanism, the steel sheet feeding is completed, and the flatness detection and sorting is completed by high precision sensor.Adhesive paper attaching mechanism attaches high temperature adhesive paper to the upper end of the steel sheet, the position can be set. 

After attaching, the steel sheet is divided by cutting film mechanism and stored in the cartridge.

2.    Equipment application and industry:  

      Mainly used in CCM camera module.

3.   Features:

     High efficiency, overall UPH≥600pcs

     High precision, the precision of repeated gluing is ≤ 0.1mm, and the distance between glue and plate edge after cutting is ≤ 0.2mm

     High integration and small space occupation

4.   Technical Parameters:


1. General range of steel sheet




2. Model

DW - PI Fitting-05

3. General size of high temperature adhesive

Internal diameter70-85mm

External diameter100-120mm


4. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

5. Yield


6. Height of operation table


7. Machine Dimensions


8. Air source specification


9. Power specifications

AC220V,  Total power1.5KW

5.Product Pictures


100#Automatic high temperature glue machine

200#Automatic high temperature glue machine

300#Automatic high temperature glue machine

400#Automatic high temperature glue machine

500#Automatic high temperature glue machine

600#Automatic high temperature glue machine

700#Automatic high temperature glue machine


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