Smart watch assemble machine maker

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Smart watch assemble machine maker

 1.    Product description:
This equipment is a fully automatic line body, which uses a carrier as a reference carrier. The assembly line transports the carrier through the entire line body. It uses a six-axis manipulator and a three-axis module for automatic loading and unloading and automatic NG splitting, and realizes the full return of the carrier Automatic line body.

2.    Equipment application and industry:
This device is a fully automatic function detection line for watches, suitable for the function detection of 0.8-inch to 1.8-inch watches and other similar products.

3.    Equipment advantages:
● Automatic loading and unloading, automatic NG splitting, automatic carrier reflow;
● Automatically connect to the mini system, automatically track the information of each product and upload it to the mes system;
● High productivity, high efficiency and stable quality;
● Greatly reduce labor costs and low equipment maintenance costs;
● Improve production yield and reduce loss rate.

4.  Technical parameters


1. General range of steel sheet

0.8 inch to 1.8 inch watch products

2. Model

Dwin-Watch testing-08A

3. Yield

≥ 99.8% (dust spot washing rate above 1um)

4. UPH


5. Compressed air flowmeter


6. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 1000

7. Height of operation table


8. Machine Dimensions

L100000mm * W2300mm *H2200mm

9. Air source specification

>0.5MPa Clean, without oil and water

10. Power specifications


5. product pictuer

100#Smart watch assemble machine maker

200#Smart watch assemble machine maker

300#Smart watch assemble machine maker

400#Smart watch assemble machine maker

500#Smart watch assemble machine maker

600#Smart watch assemble machine maker

700#Smart watch assemble machine maker


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