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Precision grinder
    Precision grinding should be carried out on the corresponding precision grinding machine. According to my country's machine tools
 Classification, divided into ordinary precision machine tools, precision machine tools and high precision machines in terms of accuracy
 3 types of beds. Among them, the precision grinder is a precision machine tool. Grinding machines are classified into M
 (Cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, surface grinder, etc.), 2M (superfinishing machine, deriving machine, polishing machine, abrasive belt polishing and grinding machine, grinding machine
 Etc.), 3M (bearing, roller, steel ball, valve and other grinding machine tools) 3 categories. The characteristic codes from the machine tool are: high precision (c), precision
(M), automatic (Z), semi-automatic (B), numerical control (K), machining center (H), etc. Therefore, the characteristic code of the precision grinder should be
mm, and T should be a high-precision grinder, which can be classified as an ultra-precision grinder.
    The precision grinding machine used in precision grinding should meet the following requirements.
     (1) High geometric precision precision grinders should have high geometric precision, mainly including grinding wheel spindle rotation accuracy, workpiece spindle rotation accuracy
 In order to ensure the accuracy of the shape and position of the workpiece. Spindle bearing can adopt gas or liquid hydrostatic shaft
 These bearings have high precision and low stiffness; short three-piece or long three-piece oil film bearings, integral multi-oil wedge type dynamic pressure
 Bearings, these bearings have greater rigidity, and the accuracy is not as good as hydrostatic bearings. The newly appeared dynamic and static pressure combined bearing, with tip
 The comprehensive characteristics of high speed, high speed and good rigidity are suitable for high-power precision grinding machines. The radial circle runout of the precision grinder spindle is general
 It should be less than 1 m, and the axial backlash should be limited within 2 to 3 wn.
     The guide rail can be a sliding guide rail, in order to reduce friction and improve the smoothness of movement, it can be pasted on the sliding guide rail surface with anti-friction plastic
 Top; For the main motion rail with larger load capacity, dynamic pressure rail can be used; unloading rail can also be used to reduce the guide soft load and improve
 The wear resistance of the guide rail and the smoothness of low-speed motion reduce crawling and improve motion accuracy. Its unloading methods include hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical
 Etc.; Static pressure guides, including aerostatic guides and hydrostatic guides, are commonly used in precision and ultra-precision machine tools, and their characteristics
 The guide rail is basically wear-free, with high accuracy, good accuracy retention, smooth and uniform low-speed movement, but from the perspective of rigidity, liquid
 The static pressure guide is higher than the gas static pressure guide; the rolling guide is also a commonly used guide, its friction factor is small, and it can be improved by preloading.
 High rigidity, but complex structure, low vibration absorption capacity, and high manufacturing precision requirements. The straightness of the guide rail used by the precision grinder is generally
     (2) The stability of the low-speed feed movement. The precision and stability of the precision grinder's feed system movement will directly affect the precision of the workpiece.
 Degree and surface roughness. At the same time, since the dressing lead of the grinding wheel requires 10-15mm/min, the worktable must be moved at a low speed.
 For sports, it requires no crawling and no impact, and it can work smoothly. This requires a hydraulic system for the feed movement of the machine tool table
 Carry out special design, adopt low-flow throttle valve with excellent performance, strictly exclude air in hydraulic pipelines and components, workbench guide rail
.Using hydrostatic or rolling structure, or forced lubrication to reduce friction and ensure the smoothness of low-speed movement of the worktable.
    For machine tool transverse feed, it mainly affects the machining accuracy, and the accuracy and stability of its movement should be ensured. In order to improve the
 Work accuracy, sometimes equipped with a micro-feed mechanism with corresponding accuracy requirements in the feed direction of the grinding wheel head frame.
     (3) If the rigidity of the machine tool is not high during precision grinding with high vibration resistance, the vibration isolation and anti-vibration measures are improper, and the grinding amount is not suitable.
 If it is suitable, it will produce vibration, which will seriously affect the quality of processing. From the machine tool structure, some vibration reduction measures should be considered, such as
 Moving parts should be dynamically balanced, including spindle parts, motor rotors, grinding wheels, etc., should be dynamically balanced or finely statically balanced;
 Hard rubber or wooden blocks should be used between the motive and the grinding wheel frame for vibration isolation. It is best to be separated from the machine tool and installed on the foundation separately. fine
 The dense grinder should be installed on the anti-vibration foundation to prevent external interference. If there is no anti-vibration foundation, it should be installed between the machine tool and the ground.
 Anti-vibration pad. Shenzhen Double Ten Technology About Precision Grinding Machine


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