Automatic IC laser marking machine

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Automatic IC laser marking machine

1. Product Description

  • This machine is a fully automatic single-track Automatic IC laser marking machine. Its principle is to use the energy generated by the laser to engrave one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, text, symbols and other graphics on the surface of the PCB. Laser technology that leaves a permanent mark on the surface of the PCB board.
  • The machine consists of a moving cross processing platform, a visual positioning system, a laser coding system, a smoke purification system, and a self-developed software system.

2. Equipment application and industry

This machine is widely used in laser marking on the surface of products in PCB, chip semiconductor and other industries.

3. Features

  • The machine can be connected to the upper board and lower board mechanism or assembly line to realize the online automatic PCB board marking function.
  • PCB can engrave information such as one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, text, symbols or graphics with different contents; and read to confirm whether the engraved contents are consistent with the marked contents.
  • The built-in XY precision motion platform of the equipment can move sequentially to complete the marking of products.
  • The machine is connected to the assembly line, and the material tray automatically flows to the internal track of the equipment, and after rough positioning, it is accurately positioned by CCD. Can accurately determine the marking position.
  • The equipment can adapt to PCB boards of different sizes, and the maximum travel of the track can be customized according to the size of the PCB board.

4. Technical Parameters

Operating system

Self-developed UI operating system

Industrial host

Industrial host with strong anti-interference

Laser type

UV laser

Marking range

110*110mmcan be spliced

Scanning speed of galvanometer


Upper and lower station assembly line connection mode

SMEMA mode signal connection

Whether with a purification system



Power specifications

AC 220V/12A   50~60HZ

Carving size accuracy


Engraving position accuracy


5. Pictures

1000#Automatic IC laser marking machine

2000#Automatic IC laser marking machine

3000#Automatic IC laser marking machine

4000#Automatic IC laser marking machine

5000#Automatic IC laser marking machine

6000#Automatic IC laser marking machine

7000#Automatic IC laser marking machine

8000#Automatic IC laser marking machine


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