Automatic centrifugal cleaning machine

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Automatic two - fluid cleaning machine

1.   Product Description:  

      Through the high-precision multi-axis manipulator, the product is taken out from the magazine and placed in the cleaning chamber with high cleanliness. Through the double cooperation of two fluid sprays up and down and high-speed centrifugal dehydration, the dust cleaning process on the surface of the product is completed.

2.   Equipment application and industry:

      It is applicable to chip, optical glass LENS, VCM, LENS and IR surface dust cleaning process in CCM camera module process.

3.    Features:

     (1)High efficiency:

UPH≥68 plates/hour (vehicle length > 200mm, 4pcs per wash)

    (2)UPH≥102 plates/hour (vehicle length ≤200mm, each washing 6pcs) (cleaning time is calculated according to 100s)

       High yield,yield ≥ 99.3% (dust spot washing rate above 1um).

       Compatibility,compatible with a variety of carriers (including steel sheet, AA carrier, VCM Tray)

       High market share in the domestic market, the stability and efficiency of the equipment has been recognized by customers, market share ranking to

4、 Technical Parameters

1. General range of steel sheet



2. Model


3. Yield

≥ 99.3% (dust spot washing rate above 1um)

4. Cleaning rate

≥99.3%  (dust spot washing rate above 1um, except for secondary pollution)

5. Cleaning method

Plasma (optional) + 2 fluid spray + high speed centrifugal dehydration

6. Cleaning medium

Clean DI water ( > 0.4mpa) / air (0.4-0.6mpa )

7. Flow setting range


8. Hydrogen flowmeter


9. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

10. Time consuming for

product specification change

New product≤30min

The time it takes to switch to a new product≤30min

Debugged product≤15min

The time it takes to switch to a debugged product≤15min

11. Height of operation table


12. Machine Dimensions

L1300mm * W1200mm *H1800mm

without feeding mechanism,without FFU

13. Air source specification

>0.5MPa Clean, without oil and water

14. Power specifications


15. Total power


5、product picture


100#Automatic centrifugal cleaning machine

200#Automatic centrifugal cleaning machine

300#Automatic centrifugal cleaning machine

400#Automatic centrifugal cleaning machine

500#Automatic centrifugal cleaning machine

600#Automatic centrifugal cleaning machine

700#Automatic centrifugal cleaning machine


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