Medical surgical mask machine

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Medical surgical mask machine

1. Product description

The mechanism part has precision machined parts and components, imported standard parts from Japan, equipped with three-point combination of air channels such as AIRTAC, SMC etc.

The electric control part adopts Xinjie series PLC, Mingwei switching power supply, Xinjie human-machine interface, etc. The whole machine has the characteristics of high precision and humanized operation.

2. Technician Parameters

Power supply Equipment  220VAC±5,50HZ,Rated Power 10kW
Compressed air 0.5~0.7 MPa,flowrate 300L/min
Application Environment

Temperature 10-35 ºC, humidity 5-55% HR, no combustible, corrosive gas,

 no dust (cleanliness no less than 100000)

Qualified rate of equipment production 98%
Equipment failure rate 2%( refers to the fault caused by the equipment itself)

Only the staff with professional training and authority approval can operate the equipment. The staff is familiar with the operation instructions and can follow the instructions!
(1) Before starting the machine, make sure that only authorized personnel are near the machine.
(2) Before each start-up, check whether the cabinet, case and other components are bumped or damaged, and whether the fastening screws are loose, so as to ensure that the operation can be done only when the machine is in good working conditions. Report the equipment damage to the supervisor in time.
(3) Remove unnecessary objects and materials near the machine before starting each time.
(4) Make sure that the vehicles do not collide with each other  every time before starting the machine.

(5) Make sure that all safety devices are working properly before each startup.

4. Functions
1). Automatic raw material transportation
2). Automatic conveying of raw materials
3). Automatically cutting the nose bridge
4). Welding of the longitudinal edges of the mask
5). Hemming
6). Welding of the width edges of the mask
7). Forming

8). Cutting

5. Picture

100#Medical surgical mask machine

110#Medical surgical mask machine

120#Medical surgical mask machine

130#Medical surgical mask machine

140#Medical surgical mask machine

150#Medical surgical mask machine

160#Medical surgical mask machine


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