Wafer mounting process

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Wafer mounting process

1.    Product description:

      The self-adhesive parts on the material belt are pulled by the drive device to the stripping plate under the suction device, and the self-adhesive leads are pulled off by a series of tensioning guides. Automatic placement on the workpiece positioned by the jig.

2.    Equipment application and industry:
This equipment is specially used for the lamination process before wafer (sheet), QFN, glass, substrate, etc. cutting. It only needs to manually place the product and the frame to complete the lamination process with one click.

3.    Product features:
(1) Smart film detection
(2) Adjustable filming speed control
(3) Suitable for blue film, UV film, PET substrate film and other single/double film
(4) The working plate adopts imported heating system
(5) The height of the working plate can be adjusted to adapt to different thickness products
(6) One-button start to execute fully automatic work flow.

4.   Technical Parameters


1. Applicable Wafer size


Please inquire about options for compatibility with specific wafer size

2. Model

Dwin- Wafer mounting process -02B

3. Yield


4. High efficiency

Overall UPH≥3000pcs

5. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

6. Height of operation table

900±50 mm

7. Machine Dimensions

L1400 x*W1600*H1800mm  1000Kg

8. Air source specification

>0.5MPa Clean, without oil and water


9. Power specifications


10. Total power


5、product pictuers



Wafer mounting process


Wafer mounting process


Wafer mounting process


Wafer mounting process


Wafer mounting process

 600#Wafer mounting process

 700#Wafer mounting process


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