chinese laser cutting machine manufacturer 

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chinese laser cutting machine manufacturer 

1. Product Description

chinese laser cutting machine manufacturer , using imported CO2 metal tube light source, has very good beam quality. The optical path adopts imported optical lens and imported optical shaping system, which has a very good cutting effect on non-metallic materials.

2. Equipment application and industry

This machine is used in touch screen PET, conductive film and optical film, hardened film, electronic paper, ceramic substrate, IT plastic component, electronic insulation material, switch film, clean cloth, foam, leather case, leather, plastic, carbon fiber, Precision cutting of injection nozzles, high-density boards, printed circuit boards, 3M, PET, ABS, PC, ITO, insulating materials, organic glass, acrylic and other non-metallic materials.

3. Machine characteristics

  • Using linear screw precision module, gantry double drive structure, high precision.
  • Imported light source, good beam quality and long life.
  • The marble processing platform has good stability, high precision, stable equipment and low maintenance cost.
  • The cutting edge quality is good, the heat affected area is small, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful.
  • Laser processing is a non-contact flexible processing, which is not affected by the shape of the workpiece and can process any graphics

4. Technical Parameters

Output Power




Speed of light quality


Laser generator


Cutting speed


Positioning accuracy


Visual accuracy


Cutting range

600*600 mm

Power specifications

AC220V±10% 50hz/15A

Total Weight


Overall size

1400*1400*1450 mm

Total power




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