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Sweep code module automatic line

1.    Product description:
The equipment is divided into two parts: the loading and unloading machine and the main body. The 50PCS blister tray is manually put in, the servo Z axis automatically holds up, the splitting cylinder automatically splits the tray, the loading arm feeds the material in the loop line fixture, and then completes the tearing Pull, scan code, read Barcode code, clean, paste mylar, finished product blanking, NG blanking and other processes, and finally manually take out the scanned product Tray and NG Tray. The middle positions are protected by safety doors. The mechanical moving parts are separated by a protective cover. The loading and unloading machine adds a storage bin to place a total of 100PCS blister trays. The empty Tray after loading flows to the lower material end through the lower belt to realize the empty Tray cycle.

2.    Equipment application and industry:
At present, this equipment is mainly used for automatic identification and upload of QR code information on PCB boards in SMT production lines. The product information is connected with MES system data to realize automatic product information tracking. At the same time, the equipment can automatically load and unload materials, which greatly saves labor costs. According to the customer's manufacturing requirements, the equipment also has additional processes such as tearing, pasting mylar and cleaning the surface of the components.

3.     Product features:

      (1) High efficiency, overall UPH≥2400pcs/h

      (2) High yield rate ≥ 99%

      (3) High precision, the precision of pasting mylar is ±0.1mm

4. Technical Parameters


1. General range of steel sheet


(other specifications can be customized)

2. Equipment model

DW-HS Autofilm-02A

3. Yield


4. Tray size

320*135mm (other specifications can be customized)

5. Production form

Manual loading, automatic scanning, automatic tearing and pasting of Mylar, automatic blanking, manual cleaning

6. High efficiency


7. Time consuming for

product specification change

New product≤30min

The time it takes to switch to a new product≤30min

Debugged product≤15min

The time it takes to switch to a debugged product≤15min

8. Equipment cleanliness level

Grade 100

9. Height of operation table


10. Machine Dimensions


without FFU,without loading and unloading assembly

11. Air source specification

Positive pressure  0.5~0.7Kgf  300L/Min

Positive pressure 0.5 ~ 0.7 Kgf 300 l/Min

Negative pressure  -70~-90 KPa 220L/Min

Negative pressure -70~-90 KPa 220L/Min (equipped with vacuum pump)

12. Power specifications

AC220V, 50A

13. Total power


5. product picture 


100#Sweep code module automatic line

200#Sweep code module automatic line

300#electronic assembly machine assembly

400#electronic assembly machine assembly

500#electronic assembly machine assembly

600#electronic assembly machine assembly

700#electronic assembly machine assembly


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