laser cutting machine manufacturer

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laser cutting machine manufacturer

1. Product Description

This equipment is a fully automatic roll-to-sheet precision laser processing equipment. There are three types of UV nanoseconds, green picoseconds, and UV picoseconds to choose from, to meet your different requirements for applications and maximize cost efficiency. This equipment is suitable for the cutting and forming of cover film (CVL), flexible board (FPC), flexible and rigid board (RF) and thin multilayer board, as well as the opening of the window box; it can be extended to cut various substrates, 5G LCP antenna, OLED silicon chip and special materials, etc.

2. Equipment application and industry

The equipment can cut all kinds of PCB, FPC, SD card, TF card, cover film (CVL), fingerprint module, mobile phone camera module, soft and hard board (RF), window box and cover.It is widely used in industries such as integrated circuits, PCB boards, FPC, 3C, medical treatment, and consumer electronics. 

3. Processing advantages

  • According to the thickness of different products, the focal length of CCD and laser are kept the same, and the MARK point capturing effect is accurate.
  • Double-head spectroscopic cutting, which can meet the covering film and shape cutting at the same time, one-key switching, saving time and effort.
  • Professional customized cutting software, simple and convenient operation, convenient and quick refueling operation, and high degree of flexibility.

4. Technical Parameters

Output Power




Speed of light quality


Security Level


Positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy


Visual accuracy


XY axis travel


Marking range


Total Weight


Overall size


Total power


Power specifications

AC220V±10% 50hz/20A

5. Pictures

1000#laser cutting machine manufacturer

2000#laser cutting machine manufacturer

3000#laser cutting machine manufacturer

4000#laser cutting machine manufacturer

5000#laser cutting machine manufacturer

6000#laser cutting machine manufacturer

7000#laser cutting machine manufacturer

8000#laser cutting machine manufacturer


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