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Laser solder ball precision welding system

1. Product overview:
1.1 The laser solder ball welding machine adopts a multi-axis intelligent platform, with a high-precision CCD positioning and monitoring system, to weld electronic parts and other precision parts; the spray ball welding adopts non-contact welding, and the welding accuracy is higher. For some thermally sensitive or flexible board connection areas, it can effectively ensure the welding accuracy and welding effect, and avoid burns.
1.2 Using fiber laser, small spot precision and high error range of ±10μm, solder ball use range: 100μm-760μm.

2. Equipment application and industry:
The equipment is mainly used in electronic industries such as CCM camera module, BGA ball replanting and HDD.

3. Product features:
 (1) Adopt 9-axis working platform. Suitable for a variety of electronic parts and components with high thermal sensitivity.
 (2) Solder ball is used to ensure controllable heating area.
 (3) Use lead-free and flux-free solder balls for non-contact soldering, and the soldered parts have no residue and avoid cleaning.
 (4) The use of tens of millions of cameras, high visual positioning accuracy, can achieve high-precision welding for small products.
 (5) The production efficiency is high, which can reach the speed of 4 welding points per second.
 (6) The laser will not directly contact the product during welding to avoid burns and damage to the product.
 (7) There is no threat of static electricity during welding.

4. Technical Parameters


1. General range of steel sheet




2. Model

D-win-BD CCM-02E

3. Blister disc size

Internal diameter260*330mm

4. Time consuming for product specification change

New product:≤30min

The time it takes to switch to a new product30min

Debugged product:≤15min

The time it takes to switch to a debugged product15min

5. High yield


6.  Height of operation table


7. Machine Dimensions


8. Air source specification

>0.5MPa Clean, oil-free and water-free

9. Power specifications

AC220V,  Total power3KW


5.  Product Pictures


100#Laser solder ball precision welding system

200#Laser solder ball precision welding system

300#Laser solder ball precision welding system

400#Laser solder ball precision welding system

500#Laser solder ball precision welding system

600#Laser solder ball precision welding system

700#omega laser welding machine


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